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Healthcare & Nursing Sppplies

BRB Supply provides the highest quality of medical products to the Healthcare & Nursing industries. If you need exam gloves, textilles, durable medical equipment, plastic patient utensils, skin care, dispensible incontinence care, OR kits, protective apperal, gauze, masks & gowns, surgical trays or advanced wound care products feel free to contact us!


Building customer relationships requires time, effort and understanding.  At BRB Supply we pride ourselves in having the talent and reach to go beyond the needs and expectations of our customers.  At BRB Supply, we offer our customers more good things than they expect, and provide a wide variety of products and services that can cater to your every need. We go beyond our basic commitment to get customers the products they want, when they want them, at the right price and as promised. We do more because we know that when our customers are successful, we’re successful.

Paint, Tape & Adhesives

BRB Supply carries a wide range of technical specialist tapes for professional markets. This allows us to anticipate our customers needs. We work closely with our partners to develop specialized adhesive tape bonding solutions for OMG's, distributors & consumers.

Household Consumer Products

At BRB Supply we have access to hundreds of consumer products ranging from multipurpose cleaners, personal sundry products, medical testing kits, personal hygienic products, mind, body & soul products for human health.

Bags/ Food Storage

The need for storage products is universal, and BRB Supply's services span the spectrum of industrial, service, governmental and institutional organizations. 

Food & Beverage Supplies

BRB Supply provides a complete line of compostable food & beverage delivery products. Our selections include cutlery, cups, hinged containers, gloves. 


We offer a complete range of bulk industrial chemicals, water treatment, specialty chemicals, cleaning chemicals, organic chemicals, agricultural chemicals, & chemicals for maintenance.

Corrigated Boxes & Sheets

(Including Fillers) 

Whether you need boxes for, mailing, packing, moving or shipping let BRB Supply be your one stop shop! Look to us for corrugated boxes, corrugated mailers, corrugated bins, heavy-duty boxes, side loading boxes, printer's boxes, or sheets & layer pads.

Consumer Packaged Goods

When we talk about the good things that come from BRB Supply, we are often referring to the unsurpassed selection of quality products we offer. Whatever your CPG business needs, BRB Supply can provide it. 

Industrial & Janitorial Supplies

At BRB Supply we believe keeping clean means more than nice appearence it is also important for good health, preception is reality! We will give you options in selecting the highest quality in industrial and Janitorial supplies, cleaning products and equipment to keep your facilities/workplace clean & sanitary.

Oil & Gas Supplies

Our range of support has included major equipment to spare parts for all types of oilfield equipment. We provide a procurement channel for oilfield equipment, downhole tools, pumps, piping, gate valves, relief valves, fittings, pressure gauges, replacement rubber products, noise reduction & vibration control products, lubricants, paint, coatings & safety products. Our goal is to provide fantastic customer service while keeping your production noperating at full cpacity & your downtime to a minimum.

Paper & Plastic 


BRB Supply current & comprehensive coverage includes paper towels, facial tissue, napkins, crepe paper, coffee filters, egg cartons, paper cups & dishes, sanitary paper products, copy paper, writing pads, legal pads and more.  Plastic Products include plastic bags of all types and sizes including plain & printed, stock & custom, flat, on rolls, gusseted, reclosable, polyethylene, polypropylene, trash & can liners, bubble, shrink & vinyl wraps, heat sealed, biohazard, zipper, postal approved, cellophane & vacuum sealing bags.

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